No workshops scheduled until further notice.

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This profound, experiential system of Qigong offers the practitioner an opportunity to connect deeply with the subtle energies within the body and mind, to initiate positive and often lasting changes.
The initial work involves both structured and spontaneous exercises for the purpose of clearing the energetic system of stagnant energy and ‘taking hold’ of the mind.
Precise and clear information is both transmitted and orally given on how to activate the dantien, the main energy centre of the body and how to use Earth and Heaven force for self healing and enhanced awareness.
Oftentimes sound vibration forms a part of the practice, this may be self arising and spontaneous or take the form of a Mantra which  is connected with the Lineage of the system.
The workshop space is a held and safe environment in which to allow the release and clearing of non productive energies, leading to expanded awareness and a lightness of Being.
Open to All and beneficial for everyone!