Buqi Energy Healing


Now available via Zoom.

45 mins £35.

Buqi is a form of vibrational medicine. Energy forces are transmitted to the body for clearing and opening the energy pathways facilitating the bodys’ innate healing mechanism. Loss of wellbeing, health and happiness can be attributed to the lack of vitality within the body. The restoration of a healthy vibration into the internal organs and muscles can produce  profound and lasting changes to overall health and mental attitude. Buqi is a distant healing method with no need for physical contact .


The Buqi healing system was founded and developed  by Taichi Grandmaster and extraordinary energy healer, the late Dr Shen Hongxun ( 1939 – 2011).

Arising  from over 50 years of research and clinical practice. Dr Shen  began at very young  age to study with some of the extraordinary energy masters who were practicing in China at the time, notably Professor Yao Huanzi his main teacher and the Buddhist Lama Fahai from whom he was given the title Lama FuRe .

He had many fascinating stories which even by just listening too, one could experience some of the magic which these masters transmitted.

Combing elements of the knowledge learnt from these masters with his clinical research, led him to develop the theory of the double vicious circle. This states that the root of many illnesses and disharmonies can be attributed to the influence of the emotions and the mind on the body, particularly repetitive negative thoughts. Resulting in a diminished body posture and loss of vital energy.

If not corrected, over time this can lead to a pathogenic  narrowing of the intervertabral spaces and thereby impinge on the neurological, vascular and internal energy flow. The result being blockages in the energetic network and the major energy centres (chakras).  This then is the cause of stagnation and inflammation within the organs and body’s soft tissue which can lead to dis – ease of body and mind.

Buqi healing involves a transmission of healing energy to the body of the patient to remove and clear the stuck energies and restore a clear internal energetic flow. Many people experience a significant change immediately .

Every treatment is individual and specific for the patient. Simple qigong exercises may be given where needed.

Anita qualified as a Buqi healer in 1999 and worked with Dr Shen in the Kailash centre, London .

More info at www.buqiinstitute.com