A simple , profound and powerful qigong system, for activating, opening and clearing energy centres and channels, through daoyin exercises and spontaneous movement.
The foundation of the practice is the development of a strong connection to Earth energy. This forms the root and basis for the exercises . Thoroughly grounding the practitioner in Being and Stillness .Through the application of mind/ no mind, breath, intention and daoyin exercises, coupled with the understanding of how to simultaneously both stretch and relax the muscles and the joints, a great sensitivity and awareness of the body and internal energy system can be developed. Activation of the dantien is part of this development. With this activation comes a greater whole body experience which greatly enhances energetic flow, influencing body, mind and spirit. Renewed vigour, improved physical, mental and emotional balance are some of the many benefits of this practice.

TaijiWuxiGong was founded and developed by Dr Shen Hongxun , Taiji  Grandmaster. He dedicated  his life to the research and development of the use of  ‘ taiji forces’ for healing . Bringing what was commonly secret knowledge to the West .

Anita Shen  first began studying  Taiji in 1994 . Two years later she met  Dr Shen and immediately recognised him as Root Master. From that time until his passing in 2011 she studied and worked with him and his Lineage.

Classes are open and beneficial for everyone regardless of age, ability.


Until futher notice classes are via Zoom. Please get in touch for details.