Tai Chi straight sword form

A 12 week beginners course to learn this fluid, beautiful , energising and relatively simple form. Although experience of tai chi is beneficial it is not essential. The teaching of this form is adapted for those new to working with the body in this way. Foundation principles of both tai chi and qigong will be taught at the beginning of each lesson before learning the postures and sequence of the form. Each lesson will be in ‘bite size pieces with plenty of repetition.  In order to retain and deepen into the practice, commitment is essential , practicing between lessons is a must in order to move on .

Once the ‘template’ has been learnt and there is less mind and memory needed , then the real essence can start to be discovered. The internal energy movement within body and the extension of this through the sword is a powerful and profound experience. The physical movements involving turning, twisting, stretching and contracting, promotes opening and clearing of the energy channels , allowing for greater fluidity, clarity of mind and uplifting of spirit. The sword form is a great way to exercise whilst developing better coordination, balance, concentration and having fun too. Wooden swords can be purchased online for around £15 – £20. See below.

The course is taught by Anita Shen and her partner Neil Workman. They are both long term students / practitioners of tai chi and qi gong with many years of experience.  Having both worked very closely with Dr Shen Hongxun  ( Taiji Grandmaster & founder of the Buqi healing system) they have a deep experience and understanding of the subtle energies as well as the external form and the importance of combining these aspects to have the maximum benefit from the exercises. They received their sword form training from Paul Brewer of -http://www.heavenmountain.co.uk/

Thursdays 7.30 – 9pm .Nov 7th – Dec 12 th.


Sunday Dec 1st , 10.15 – 1.45 pm £25

Ashburton town hall.