Dr Shen Hongxun (1939 – 2011)

From a very young age in Shangai Dr Shen was exposed to and studied with some of the great energy masters of the time. His own health was not good as a child and this motivated him to study and work hard at the practices of tai chi, qigong and meditation. His hard work and good fortune in being accepted as a student by  the extraordinary prof Yao Hunzhi enabled him to develop a very high level of energetic mastery. Another significant teacher for Dr Shen was Buddhist Lama Fahai . This influence was most evident in the underlying compassionate nature of all Dr Shen’s teachings , be it tai chi or meditation.

Dr Shen’s courses were joyful and magical experiences as well as being deeply transformative. He was utterly devoted and committed to bringing the knowledge of  how to develop and understand energy, as a natural and available source of healing for everyone. He developed a system of healing called Buqi ( vibrational medicine) which is his legacy. The full effects and understanding of vibrational medicine is yet to be discovered by modern methods.